About Gold4Pantheon
(Who we are and how everything started!)

About info already provided

We are not new to selling gold, accounts and powerleveling services. As of March 2015, we are proud to be behind over 3000 successful transactions, both on Feenix & Nostalrius, November 2016 January 2018, we are proud to be behind over 12500 successful transactions across many different private realms and servers, including Feenix's Archangel, Warsong & Emerald Dream; Dalaran's Algalon, Warmane's Icecrown and Lordaeron, Twinstar's Kronos 1 & 2, The Elysium Project, Outland, Medivh and Light's Hope Lightbringer, Anathema & Darrowshire. If you ask what we do now, we can surely answer: Professional gold farming and selling. Complete information is provided on our Feenix's Warsong site, please check the about page there.

Why Pantheon WoW?

Gold4Pantheon was made as an addition to our extensive Vision7 gaming network. Our network has grown large enough and now features dozen of farmers and levelers ready to lend you a hand on this magnificent server.

Less time farming, more time playing the game! Enjoy :-)

Contact Information

Email: shop@v7gaming.com Skype: Vision7Gaming (Gold for Pantheon MMO)

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